Conversion Van FAQs

Windows – why only OEM style windows?
Every van has a specific contour to the wall, and the glass is specifically designed to match that contour. When you use universal windows, they don’t match the contours of that specific van, and could cause leaks and other issues in the future.
What kind of insulation do you use?
R13 for walls and doors, R7 for ceiling. We always use the maximum R value insulation possible for the space available.

Why don’t we install toilets?
Even though we don’t install traditional RV style toilets with under mounted black water tanks, we do offer top of the line cassette toilets and other alternatives.
Fully integrated plumbing systems are not only very costly to install, but also to maintain.
How long does a van conversion take?
Our average turnaround time is 3-6 weeks, depending on how big or small we go on the project, what needs done, etc.
Do you install solar panels?
Yes we can! Solar and secondary battery systems are one of our specialties. We have a way to tie into the factory system without voiding any factory warranties and also make it clear to any future dealership/shop what’s factory parts and what’s from Vanworks.
What size beds do you offer?
Depending on the size of the van/wheelbase, we can fit a full/double or a queen size bed.
How many vans have you built?
Thousands! We’ve been producing vans since 1978, so quite a few. We were one of the 1st van converters to start building camper vans with the Sprinter in 2004.