Well, technically according to Agile Off-Road this isn’t a lift kit, so they call it a Ride Improvement Package. After converting your van and loading it down with gear I’m sure you’ve noticed it doesn’t ride as well as before. That’s where Agile Off-Road’s Mercedes-Benz Ride Improvement Package (RIP) comes in!

THIS IS NOT A LIFT KIT! A lift kit will give you the same problematic ride, just from a higher vantage point. Yes, your van will sit an inch or two higher as a byproduct of installing the RIP Kit. But the focus of Agile Off-Road’s kit is on RIDE IMPROVEMENT. This Off-Road Suspension package is able to achieve this by optimizing your suspension setup around your van’s total weight & load distribution. They also have taken into consideration the terrain you choose to conquer. The purpose of this kit is to maximize your van’s usable suspension travel and while increasing stability & comfort. Potholes, driveways, and uneven pavement will no longer cause unsettling jolts & wobbling. And with the additional ground clearance and improved damping, your rig will be more capable off-road than ever.

Adding accessories like wheels spacers & extended lugs provide even more stability by widening your vans track, allowing you to run more aggressive wheels & tires.

Vehicle Fit:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Second Generation: 2007-2013, 2014+


Sprinter 2500 2×4 RIP Kit

  • Includes: Bilstein front struts w/ Agile coil assist spring kit, Agile tuned Fox rear shocks w/ custom  leaf spring packs

Sprinter 2500 4×4 RIP Kit

  • Includes: Re-use OEM front struts w/ Agile coil assist spring & Agile auxiliary mount front shock kit, Agile Tuned Fox Rear shocks w/ custom leaf spring packs

  • Fit Notes:

    • Wheels spacers or 38mm offset wheels required for shock/tire clearance
    • Brake line routing will change on 2WD vehicles (new brake lines are included in kit)
    • All products designed and manufactured in the United States of America.