The holiday season is upon us, and if you have friends or family living the van life, finding the perfect gift can be a unique challenge. Here at Vanworks, we have put together a list of 10 unique and practical gift ideas that will make any van dweller’s festive season a little brighter.

1. National Park Pass:

Give the gift of adventure with an annual National Park Pass. It’s the perfect ticket for exploring all the beautiful landscapes of the United States.

2. Portable Solar panels:

Extra power is always a plus when traveling in a camper van. A portable solar panel setup allows your friend to have an eco-friendly solution to keep their van batteries charged and ensure continuous power for their gadgets and electronics.

3. Van-Specific Cookbooks:

Inspire their culinary adventures on the road with cookbooks tailored to life on the road. These often feature recipes that can be prepared with limited ingredients and kitchen space. Like the Buslife Kitchen Cookbook or The Small Kitchen Cook!

4. comfortable mattress:

Upgrade their sleeping setup with space-saving, cozy mattress bedding options designed for van living. Some of our favorites are from Roam Rest or Hest.

5. Subscription to Nomad-Friendly Apps:

Consider gifting a subscription to apps like Harvests Hosts or The Dyrt. These tools help van lifers find the best boondocking spots, campgrounds, and amenities on the road.

6. Luxury Campground Experience:

Treat your van friend to a luxury campground stay, like the Ramble Camps. These unique styles of campgrounds offer comfort, activities, and a refreshing break from life on the road.

7. Starlink or Cell Booster:

Enhance the van life experience for your friend by gifting them a Starlink or Cell Booster. These types of devices allow nomads to stay effortlessly connected to high-speed internet during their travels.

8. Compact Camping Gear:

From collapsible coffee pour-over setups to foldable chairs; space-saving camping gear is a van lifer’s dream. Look for items that are lightweight and easy to stow away in limited space.

9. All-Terrain TIRES:

For the off-road enthusiasts, all-terrain tires are a fantastic gift. These tires are designed to handle various surfaces, making them perfect for those who love to explore beyond the beaten path. Here at Vanworks, we have a variety of options available such as BFG, Toyo, Falken, etc.

10. Emergency Roadside Kit:

Safety first! A well-equipped roadside emergency kit is a thoughtful gift to ensure they’re prepared for unexpected situations while traveling.

Remember, the best gifts are those that enhance the van life experience, making every journey more enjoyable and comfortable. Happy gifting!

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