In this guide, Barry Biss, our engineer and designer, breaks down the steps it takes to winterize your Vanworks van.


#1: First things first, open your fresh water tank drain valve (indicated by the blue handle).

#2: If your van has a hot water heater, next you will drain the hot water heater by turning the black valve a quarter turn until you hear a click.

#3: Now that the valves are open on both the fresh water tank and the hot water tank, water will drain outside your van.

#4: Once both tanks are empty, leave the fresh water tank valve (blue handle) open and if you do have a hot water heater, you will need to close the black valve by turning it a quarter turn until you hear a click again.

#5: Next, turn your water pump on and open all the fixture valves to cold.

#6: This next step does require an air compressor. Set your air compressor to 25 PSI at the valve.

#7: Then you will open your brass bypass valve. (The valve should be in the vertical position)

#8: Attach your air compressor to the connection point and run the compressor until only air is coming out of the sink and shower fixtures.

#9: If you have a hot water heater, turn your fixtures to hot and repeat the process.

#10: Re-open the hot water drain valve by turning it a quarter turn until it clicks again.

#11: Turn off the water pump and leave all drains and valves in the open position. They will be stored this way until it is time to refill the water system.

#12: Lastly, empty your grey water tank, which is located on the exterior of the van in front of the rear tire on the driver’s side. Remove the waste valve drain and pull the T-handle to empty the tank.


Whether you plan on storing your van for the winter season or using it year-round, it’s important to winterize your water systems to prevent damage to your van.

We hope this guide helps! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (970) 294-4024 or contact us here.

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